AL THURYA STAR INTERNATIONAL LLC mainly concentrates on the construction of onshore medium and large diameter pipelines and associated works. We have the equipments, manpower, resources and expertise work force for providing Industry solutions for the transmission and distribution of All kind pipe line Installation, The result is a construction team focused on safety, quality and efficiency; the result being a cost-effective project executed on time.

Over 15 years of experience has made AL THURYA STAR INTERNATIONAL LLC. A diversified pipeline company with unmatched experience and a safety record that proves we care for our employees and clients. Our capacity to simultaneously construct multiple spreads across the country and our development of many modern pipeline construction techniques puts AL THURYA STAR INTERNATIONAL. among the elite in the pipeline construction field.

Licensed throughout the OMAN, AL THURYA STAR INTERNATIONAL LLC, Can mobilize personnel and equipment to any location. Our wide range of pipeline construction services include, but are not limited to:All kind of pipe lines installation and fabrication

  • GRP & GRE, RTRP AND GRV pipe fabrication and installation.
  • HDPE And CPVC Welding work
  • Hydrostatic testing and commissioning
  • Valve testing work
  • Emergency call out work
  • Integrity and anomaly repairs

Electrical and Instrumentation

AL THURYA STAR INTERNATIONAL LLC has survived all industry and economic downturns by developing quality solutions for our clients.

Our company’s quality work gains us repeat business and referrals within each industry. Our business is from repeat Clients.

Our projects various industries including power, Gas, chemical, Water & waste water plants. Our experienced project management staff can provide installation and maintenance support to our project including:

  • EHV, HV & LV Switch Gear Panels
  • Power Transformers and Reactors
  • Control and Relay Panels
  • Battery and Chargers
  • Cable trays including Site Fabrication works
  • Earthling and Lightning Protection
  • Power, Control & Fire Alarm Cabling and Termination
  • Lighting and Small Power Works
  • All kind of instrument installation
  • Instrument calibration works
Testing and Commissioning Services

  • Component Testing
  • AC & DC System Checks
  • T&C of Equipment

Civil Work

AL THURYA STAR INTERNATIONAL Civil we have recognized the need for a Northland owned and operated company to provide not only innovative design and high quality, but the skill, guarantee and reliability only a local construction company can provide. With a passion for construction, we provide the highest level of service to every client by dedicating our time and energy to producing only the finest quality of workmanship to enhance the lifestyles of our customers.

We believe in working closely with our client in order to ensure the product we deliver meets their expectations. We understand the importance of the positive partnering concept and pride ourselves on making the construction process as stress free as possible for the client.

  • Construction of substations
  • Construction of multistory buildings
  • Construction of industrial projects
  • Building civil structure, co ordinate with various groups like Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation

Painting Work